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 The Kevin McCoy Band had a blow-out year after the early summer release of their début album "Redneck-N-Roll. Our album gained national attention and landed a nomination for Independent Artist "Group of the Year" in the 2017 Josie Awards hosted in Nashville, Tennessee. The KMB was also featured in Cincinnati's music authority, CityBeat Magazine. Other feature articles include the Pinefield Farm Studio & Gallery publication as well as Fair Play Country Music Magazine. Redneck-N-Roll is available on our website as well as iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp, or anywhere else you buy your music.   

     Following a busy & accomplished year, the KMB is cocked, locked and ready to rock the upcoming 2018 season. Following our début album release, the KMB stayed on the road and plugged in year-round and closed the 2017 out with an explosive New Year's Eve show that would set the tone for 2018. Now, with the busy season in sight, the Kevin McCoy band is poised for a high-octane, balls-to-the-wall summer that's only gonna' get hotter as we go.   

     This year, we're invading anything and everything looking for trouble. There's nothing too crazy, no venue too small, no party too wild. Complete with an A-list talent roster and a repertoire that screams for something wild and out of control, we're excited for our new venues and the chance to bring a taste of Cincinnati's own KMB to the rest of the country. If you've got a hot-spot and you don't have the Kevin McCoy Band...then you're missing what you really need...100% Bad-Ass Country Music with Attitude. We can't wait to see you!  


        - Team KMB -  
   "Get Your Country On"

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2017 Debut Album (available for purchase)

(Digital Download) Redneck N Roll

Kevin McCoy Band

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  1. 1 Muddy Boots 04:01
  2. 2 Right Here in My Arms 04:17
  3. 3 Our Town 03:53
  4. 4 She's Gone 04:48
  5. 5 Redneck N Roll 03:46
  6. 6 Can I Have With You 04:14
  7. 7 Billy Joe and Juliette 02:50
  8. 8 Home 04:01
  9. 9 If Heaven Doesn't Want You 03:46
  10. 10 Rest Easy (A song for Bruce Lyons) 05:20


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