100% Bad-Ass Country. That's all you need to know.  

The Kevin McCoy Band had a blow-out year after the release of their all original début album Redneck-N-Roll. The album gained national attention and landed the band a nomination for Independent Artist "Group of the Year" for both 2017 band 2018. The KMB was also featured in Cincinnati's music authority, CityBeat Magazine. Other feature articles include the Pinefield Farm Studio & Gallery publication as well as Fair Play Country Music Magazine. Redneck-N-Roll is available on the band's website as well as iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp, or anywhere else you buy your music.      

Complete with an A-list talent roster and a repertoire that screams for something wild and out of control, the KMB is excited to play new venues and the chance to bring a taste of Cincinnati's own KMB to the rest of the country. If you've got a hot-spot and you don't have the Kevin McCoy Band...then you're missing what you really need...100% Bad-Ass Country Music with Attitude. The KMB can't wait to see you!   


    - Team KMB -   

From our 2017 debut album "Redneck-N-Roll"

Cincinnati Country/Rock foursome the Kevin McCoy Band celebrates the release of its debut album, Redneck-N-Roll, this Saturday at Jimmy B’s Sports Bar and Grill (606 Ohio Pike, Withamsville, jimmybsbarandgrill.com). The band has established a strong presence on the local club scene (and has also done several out-of-town dates), armed with a boatload of cover tunes by artists ranging from Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings to Tom Petty and ZZ Top. But all 10 tracks on Redneck-N-Roll are original songs, showcasing Kevin McCoy Band’s style, which gave the album its title...”

Mike Breen ~ CityBeat

After the Mark Farner show I discovered a band that absolutely blew us away with their music. The fusion of Rock-A-Billy, Country, Country Western, Blues and hard driving Rock-N-Roll was astounding...as the band describes it as Redneck-N-Roll!! Get these guys on the air and someone sign them up please because they are gonna break out with their sound that defies any genre I have ever heard of.. ain't no stopping it..and the kicker.. they are some awesome guys... Get these boys on the radio!!! ”

— Leonard Bunky Brandenburg

Kevin was recently interviewed by ArtistPR Public Relations Radio... Check out the interview HERE 

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